About CO.NX

CO.NX: Connecting the World through Virtual Engagement

Connecting the world through virtual engagement & providing a space for the interactive exchange of ideas. Digital diplomacy by the U.S. Department of State.

Creating CONTACT for Virtual Conversations

CO.NX Mission

Our mission is to help create connections between people and provide a virtual space for the interactive exchange of ideas.

Digital Diplomacy

CO.NX transcends global geographic and cultural boundaries through over 1,000 live, interactive online programs a year featuring subject experts, opinion-makers, community leaders, and U.S. officials.

Facilitating Dialogue

Online programs in multiple languages provide a dynamic forum for open discussion and mutual understanding on many important topics. CO.NX facilitates conversations that might never take place otherwise.

Delivering CONTENT to Facilitate Conversations

Empowering Posts

CO.NX provides regional training in online program design, content, production, engagement strategies, and infrastructure for Embassy-produced live events.

On-Demand, Anytime

CO.NX programs can be watched live or on-demand from anywhere in the world, during or after an event.

Facebook Live Events App

The CO.NX custom app can be added to any Facebook page and contains an embedded video player, enabling fans to view and participate in a live event directly from Facebook.

Fostering CONNECTIVITY to Support It All

Multiple Platforms

CO.NX deploys connective technologies such as streaming video, multimedia webchats, video conferencing, and social networks to engage foreign audiences. They are accessible in low-bandwidth environments via multiple formats.

Multiple Program Formats

Customized program formats include text-only, audio-only, and video webchats; interactive webcasts; streaming video to Facebook and CMS; video conferencing.