U.S. Federal Actions for a Climate Resilient Nation

DateWednesday, December 7, 2011 
Time15:00 (Durban) | 08:00 (EST) | 13:00 (UTC)  Time Zone Converter
Duration1h 30m
ThemesClimate Change, Politics

What is the U.S. government doing about the environment? This event will look at the U.S. government’s efforts to adapt to climate change. It will provide an in-depth look at the country’s best environmental practices and highlight its efforts to fulfill the guidelines laid out in the 2011 Climate Change Adaptation Task Force Report to the President.

Nancy Sutley, CEQ
John Furlow, USAID
Sandy Elsinger, NOAA
Adam Freed, City of New York, Representative from Starbucks
Local & Federal representatives (TBD)
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