Teaching Respect for All

DateWednesday, January 18, 2012 
Time08:30 (EST) | 13:30 (UTC) | 14:30 (Paris)  Time Zone Converter
Duration1h 0m
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese
ThemeHuman Rights

Respect. What does this word mean to you? Join a webchat with UNESCO representatives, State Department officials, and students to share your thoughts about respect and how to teach it in the classroom.

UNESCO considers education vital to cultivating respect for all people, regardless of color, gender or descent, or national, ethnic or religious identity. To this end, “Teaching Respect for All,” a joint Brazil-UNESCO-USA project, is developing a curriculum framework for combating intolerance that countries can adapt to their respective contexts and needs. The project will provide practical tools that explain how to address the issues related to tolerance and anti-racism through education, building on lessons learned, and current good practices in this area.

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